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Updates on Carrie & Eric's upcoming nuptials, on May 11th, 2002.

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Thursday, March 7, 2002

Announcing the Wedding Weblog!

It's the twenty-first century, baby, yeah! We're using the Categories feature of Radio Userland to get information about our upcoming wedding onto the web, for your convenience and ours.

You can look here for information about directions, accomodations, times, etc. And after the event, we'll probably even put some pictures up :).
1:23:41 PM    

Need a place to stay?

We've reserved a block of rooms at the Courtyard Marriott in Dallas, TX. (The phone number is (214) 739-2500.) The group rate is $59/night. Just mention that you're with "the Tilton Wedding Group." :)

We've reserved the rooms from May 9th through May 12th (although I'm sure they'll be flexible). Also, a few in-town friends have generously offered their own homes to put up a few folks -- contact Eric Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog. for details.
1:17:48 PM    

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