Acquiring stuff

People sometimes complain that they don't know what to get me on occasions when that's appropriate (hi, Mom!). So below is a list of stuff I'm interested in having, roughly categorized and in no particular order.



Generally I like: mysteries with a sense of humor; fantasy that isn't horribly cliched; books about food and cooking; books about politics and culture; and books by and/or about women. Don't be all funny and get me something by Ann Coulter just because I said that. Maybe I should change that to, "books by and/or about women who are not bigoted sociopaths."

Authors of whom I am fond: Pat Conroy, Barbara Kingsolver, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Jennifer Weiner, bell hooks, Lawrence Block, Susan Wittig Albert, Melanie Rawn, Toni Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Neal Stephenson. Unless otherwise specified, please assume I own everything written by each of these folks; this list is just to give you an idea of my taste. I have a wish list at Powell's under lioness at ology. And here's some other specific stuff I want:


House/kitchen stuff

Girly stuff

Good places to get me gift certificates

- Container Store
- BookPeople or
- Williams-Sonoma
- Sephora
- The iTunes music store

But you know, since we are blessed to have so much of what we want, I would also be very happy if you donated in my name to any of the following:

- Capital Area Food Bank
- Feminist Majority Foundation
- Heifer International - give someone a goat or a llama from me!
- Ms. Foundation for Women
- Oxfam, which does many cool things to make trade fair, fight poverty, and so much more
- my local Planned Parenthood - did you know President Bush's grandfather was on his local affiliate's board back in the day?
- SafePlace, the local women's shelter and rape crisis center
- UNFPA, the UN Population Fund, which, among other things, helps people in the developing world get good health care

Got questions? Email the boy. He's tilt at ology dot org.

Last modified:  December 13, 2010