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About this site

This site mainly exists as a vanity parking spot so that my personal e-mail address (and personal e-mail addresses of my friends) will never ever change. It also allows me to permanently park the URLs of various online resources (most notably CGH) that I want to have stable addresses for.

Blogged content constitutes the bulk of the current content. It's likely to be mixture of equal parts technology, games, politics, and personal navel-gazing. Some may argue the latter encompasses all of the former.

Most of the blogged textual content was created in Radio Userland. Most of the image content is produced by with a Canon Digital Rebel, although prior to February 2004, it was mostly produced with a Canon PowerShot G1 (and there's even some stuff taken with a Kodak DC240). Additional image manipulation is usually provided by either iPhoto or Adobe Photoshop Elements. Most links shamelessly stolen from (and usually attributed to) feeds I troll in NetNewsWire, a RSS reader for OS X. And pretty much all of this is done on a trusty Apple PowerBook.

About Eric

By trade, I'm a systems and network architect and hacker. I'm interested in the ways people communicate (especially the ways they communicate using technology). I'm also interested in ways to make software faster -- or more to the point, ways to make software appear to be faster to the end user.

I've had the opportunity to work on a lot of exciting projects. I co-wrote a few books back in the early '90s, including Web Weaving (Addison Wesley, 1995) and Every Student's Guide to the Internet (McGraw-Hill, 1994). I spent four years in the Coda and Odyssey research group at Carnegie Mellon, working on mobile computing and networking. I also spent a summer at Xerox PARC as a research intern, porting the Bayou distributed database project into Java.

Most recently, I've been working as a developer for Apple Computer. We shipped Keynote 1.0 in January of 2003. I've been primarily responsible for the animation engine. It's been a blast to work on, especially since I get to combine my interests in communication and performance with obsessive attention to detail. It's also been nice to get a chance to do OpenGL hacking, which ties back to the whole gaming thing.

One of my fond desires is to eventually tell stories via the medium of computer games. Watch this space.

My partner in life and love is the truly remarkable Carrie Tilton-Jones. We were married in a wonderful ceremony in May of 2002.

You can contact me at my personal e-mail address: tele@ology.org.

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