I managed, in a fit of glory, to erase the start I'd made on this document. Silly Unix and it's unrecoverable "rm"! Anyway, this'll probably be moved back down on my priority queue until after I finish working on my multi-tasking object-oriented operating system >=), but watch this space! (Note: as usual, I've lied like a dog about when I'd get back to this -- I wrote that sentence about two years ago. Deal. May 14 1996)

For what it's worth, you can take a look at the files I'm using to generate multiple views of the "Composing Good HTML" document:

A script which takes an HTML document (with the extension ".body"), and generates either a "single document" view (such as the "single document" view of "Composing Good HTML" or a "multiple node document" view (such as the "multiple nodes document" view of the same document) from it. I.e., it creates one of two possible ".html" files from the ".body" document.
A makefile is employed so that only those parts of the document which have been changed are "regenerated" with multiview.pl.
multiview.pl use the following files as source, from which to generate ".html" files. These files are HTML, with the exception of a few "x-perimental" elements -- X-FOOTER and X-INCLUDE. Using these two elements, as well as the LINK element, multivew.pl can generated either a series of documents which are linked to each other, or else a single document including all of the following:
The main body of the "Composing Good HTML" document.
The "Good Practices" section of the "Composing Good HTML" document.
The "Common Errors" section of the "Composing Good HTML" document.
The "Things to Avoid" section of the "Composing Good HTML" document.
The "Obsolete or Deprecated Elements" section of the "Composing Good HTML" document.

Last Modified: May 14, 1996

James "Eric" Tilton, House of Boy Do I Feel Silly, tilt+@cs.cmu.edu