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No, we're not scared of women

One of the trailers we saw before X-Men 3: The Meh-ening was for something called My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The message pretty much boils down to "if strong women are scary and emasculating, just imagine how scary and emasculating the most powerful woman in the world is." C'mon, guys. This is just embarassing.

See, my wife has Supergirl pants, and that makes me say hooray.


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Some guys like being scared of their girlfriends... is what I've heard. Joss (all praise be onto him) makes lots of powerful women who kick men's ass and we love them. Of course, for the most part, his women aren't crazy, which from the previews, we couldn't really say about Uma's character.

That's my core issue -- this movie can't distinguish between "strong" and "hysterical" (in that old-timey 19th century sense).

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