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Welcome to ology.org! This is the personal vanity site of Eric Tilton and Carrie Jones. It mainly exists so that we can laugh heartily at our clever e-mail addresses (like tele@ology.org). Ho ho ho!

Please wander around, and feel free to enjoy my fine Corinthian web log.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

[Posted 12/31/2000 11:36:23 AM by tilt]
All of the links to the left should work now, although "games" links to my old games page, which is over a year out of date. I just wanted a placeholder there until I get the urge to redesign the games ramblings of the site.

[Posted 12/31/2000 02:01:10 AM by tilt]
How's this for insane? I just did this blog wirelessly from my PocketPC! (Well, not completely -- I haven't managed to get "publish" to work from Pocket IE, just "post"). If I can get publishing to work, I can obsessively do updates from the road during the upcoming Pittsburgh to Austin move!

[Update: Someone pointed me to http://wireless.blogger.com/ which solves this problem nicely. Too cool! 1/1/1]

[Posted 12/31/2000 01:39:40 AM by tilt]
OK, I bit the bullet. This thing is now live, and has replaced the previous, somewhat prosaic ology.org home page.

BTW, for those who are wondering: I picked the name "ology.org" because, a long time ago (in an NSFNet far away, back in 1992 or 1993) I wanted to obtain the domain name "nomi.com". Why? So I could have the machines necro.nomi.com and techno.nomi.com (these days, I'd add crypto.nomi.com to that list). By the time I decided to try to do something about this, though, it was too late. I kept kicking around other ideas for domains, but they kept getting taken. Finally, I was inspired to do a variant of the original joke -- by grabbing ology.org, I could dish out e-mail addresses like tele@ology.org or semi@ology.org. The real kicker, though, was my fascination (back in those crazy undergrad days) with Kibo and Kibology. Around the same time as I discovered Kibo, I also figured out how to spoof newsgroup creation (this was a younger, more naive 'net back then), and created a Willamette-local newsgroup called alt.religion.tiltology.

So how could I resist, really, having the e-mail address tilt at ology.org?

P.S. Kibo -- kib@ology.org is ready and waiting for you.

[Posted 12/31/2000 01:23:58 AM by tilt]
Warning: not all links on the left will work immediately. And all of the content there is old, until I take some time to update it.

[Posted 12/31/2000 12:53:26 AM by tilt]
It's the eve of the new millenium, and it only seems appropriate that I use this time to once again change my home page. I've become more and more fascinated by online journals and web logs, and I've toyed on and off with doing one myself. About a year ago I built a heavily javascript-based online journal to support posting pictures & daily thoughts, but it turned out I was more interested in the technology than in the exercise of the technology. Part of the problem was writer's block -- I wasn't really ready to do once-a-day essays on my life. The pace of web-logging -- in-frequent, staccato, and stream-of-consciousness -- appeals more to me.

This millenium symbolizes rebirth to me. Many aspects of my old life have come to end -- my former marriage, my academic career, and my tenure as a house-owner and resident of Pittsburgh. The year 2000 was bittersweet because it was about endings, and about starting to build my new beginnings. It seems appropriate that the sale of our house (the last part of the life I am leaving behind) occurred on the last business day of the second millenium, and that Carrie and I will begin our new lives in, almost literally, a new age. Texas awaits!

(And let me just say, it's frickin' cold here in Pittsburgh as I write this. Brr!)

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