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The Odyssey crew (Dushyanth Narayanan, Brian Noble, Jason Flinn, and Kip Walker)

This is one of the few pictures where I actually gathered everyone up to take a more "touristy" we-are-here shot. I haven't done much photography with people in it, so these shots tend to look a little more stilted. On the other hand, this kind of shot has a more documentary feel, and certainly makes it clear that we were really there, which is part of the point of these kind of tangible memories.

The same fountain, sans people

Here's the same fountain, from a slightly different angle, and all by itself. This was one of the first "sights" we came across after breakfast; it was a sculpture park (the name of which I no longer remember). We came across several parks like this in our wanderings, and I enjoyed walking in them very much.

Your host, in front of the Luxembourg Palace

This is a picture of me in front of the Jardins et Palais du Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Palace

The Luxembourg Palace again. This was the first real monument we came across (and the only real palace, except for the Louvre). We didn't go inside (I don't actually remember if it was possible to go inside). We didn't ever make it out to Versailles -- it's outside of town, so going out there takes a day all by itself.

What is it? I don't remember!

I have no idea anymore what this is a shot of. Pretty cool looking, though, huh?

Next: crossing the Seine, and a first look at Notre Dame

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