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Friday, July 9, 2004

SENT just went online; it's an art installation of images taken exlusively from phonecams. (See this longer explannouncement at Boing Boing.) There's some really interesting imagery in there.

Unfortunately, the bulk of the imagery (based on watching the random slideshow on the site) seems, well, phoned in. The overall zeitgeist seems to be "here I am, living my life, and I snapped a shot." Which is interesting in a kind of technical sense, but I don't find very compelling.

Of course, I ain't got nothin' better to offer. I'm disappointed with the technical aspects of my T616's camera; the imagery is noisy, and framing a shot can be difficult. The resolution is low, too, but that doesn't necessarily have to be an impediment -- it's not that much lower than most of the shots I post here. It's really the noise and the color that are the problems. (Which has been leading me to consider seriously investigating the quality of dedicated cameras that are small enough to fit in pockets, since my "real" camera system is now big enough to merit one or more bags.)

Still, that being said, I feel like there should be interesting ways to use that technology; pictures about motion, and candor, and being there. But I don't feel like the most of the pictures at SENT do much to zero in on that. I wish there'd been a fiercer winnowing of the entries to try to get more at that.

Yowl, yowl, moan. I sound like my cat. Here's the clear upside: it's a really interesting collection of the kinds of shots people take with these things, and and it also provides good scope on the range of technical quality currently available. And there are a non-trivial number of great and interesting shots in there.

Update: Apparently I critically misread the site, and was looking at the publicly submitted images, not the invited artist images. I feel better now.  2:26:14 PM  (comments []  

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