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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Does Size Matter? asks the Guardian's Gamesblog. They make an excellent point: most review sites (in the US, at least) ding games for a "short" length of 10-15 hours. I agree with them in finding this an insane metric. I'd rather have time to finish more games, and a 10-15 hour game is one I'm likely to get through. 18-20 is around the outside of my attention span, with for a few notable exceptions.

Generally speaking, I find ten hours of gameplay about equivalent to plowing through a 600 page book. I prefer the focus, I prefer the pacing, and I prefer my ability to actually get through the game. Sure, FFX had lots of pretty stuff going on, but I got maybe 30% through it, as I'm given to understand you can easily play it out to a hundred hours. So far I've only ever played one game past the 40 hour mark, and that was City of Heroes. And let's face it, there's just something wrong about my relationship with CoH.  3:32:05 PM  (comments []  

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