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Saturday, January 3, 2004

More on Arx Fatalis; I couldn't find the PC version, so I picked up the XBox version on sale. Sadly, the graphics in the XBox version completely suck -- the high resolution textures from the PC demo are unsurprisingly missing, and the font choice was awful. I've played some of the way through it, but the muddy visuals severely hamper the enjoyment.

I got The Sims: Bustin' Out at the same time, since I'm shamefully addicted to the series. If you like the sims, this is an excellent version to pick up: it includes an objective-based mode and the ability to move into (or just visit) a large number of other locations. This means that instead of trying to invite everyone over and throw some kind of party and completely run out of energy, you can just bop over to someone else's place and boost up friend scores while letting them do the work. Also, the console versions sport true 3D graphics, as opposed to the seriously dated visuals of the PC version.

On the movie front, Freaky Friday was surprisingly charming.  9:50:20 AM  (comments []  

Not dead, just distracted. Finally picked up Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; I'd heard it was freakin' awesome, but nobody told me you could run along walls like a freakin' ninja! So that's cool. Also, finally saw Return of the King. I was quite satisfied; the battle for Minas Tirith was all that. The first act took a little while to get going, though, and they really didn't do a very good job characterizing Denethor. But hey, UNDEAD VERSUS ELEPHANTS!!!!  2:01:38 AM  (comments []  

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