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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Andy Hertzfeld, one of the creators of the original Macintosh, has unveiled Folklore.org. The site contains stories from the development period of the Mac, and is fascinatin' reading.  10:59:18 AM  (comments []  

Gates takes swipe at Apple, Linux security. To paraphrase: "Because Windows machines are the sole distribution vector for this new virus assault & battery (and have been the sole distribution vector for all the ones that came before), Windows security is BETTER than Mac OS X's. Now bend over and prepare for your beating, worms."

That sound will be me banging my head into a wall.  10:50:51 AM  (comments []  

Did some virus of particular malice hit the Internet yesterday? I've started getting spam at an unbelievable rate: 250 messages, most with an .EXE deliverable, in the past seven hours. WTF?

Whatever this new thing is, it evades my junk mail filter by basically having no text for the Bayesian filter to latch on to. Depressingly, I was able to fashion an even better spam filter by checking for "does this have MIME content?" + "is this person not in my address book?"

Dear Canter & Siegel: fuck off and die. Love, Eric.

Update It's the MyDoom virus. Apparently it's meant to launch a denial of service attack on SCO. Dear Script Kiddies: Stop "Helping." Love from a Swiftly Tilting Planet.  10:22:49 AM  (comments []  

Clever idea of the year: a Cambodian e-mail system for sending & receiving e-mail via wi-fi equipped motorbikes [Wi-Fi Networking News]. The bikes basically drive from town to town, exchanging all e-mail for/from that town while they pass through it. Once they get to the major city with the satellite uplink, they exchange e-mail for the whole system with the outside world.

Nomadic networking: that rocks.  10:19:05 AM  (comments []  

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