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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Best State Fair In Our State

We went up to Dallas this weekend to see the family and take in the state fair. Warning: dogs and cute children to follow. Be warned.

First, the dog. It's a labradoodle. If only I were making that up. Google it yourself, you lazy bastard. It may be the most appallingly charmingly cute puppy dog in existence. I say this from a purely scientific point of view.

Slade and Lily's children are big hams, and we love them dearly. This is also backed up by science:

Finally, Big Tex would like to welcome you to the Texas State Fair:

I do in fact have pictures of livestock, but I refused on principle to post them here. Well, maybe later I'll post one of the goats. If you ask real nice. Or if I feel like it.  12:37:03 AM  (comments []  

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