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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Gadget Rack

One of the great enemies of desk organization, for me, has been the cavalcade of small gadgety things and their retinues of cables and chargers. My new home office is finally big enough for me to actually put things in the appropriate places, but these little cable-y bits have remained a thorn in my side. Up until yesterday, the chargers lived in a seething, near-sentient mass on the floor, to the right of my chair, and I'd typically celebrate the hour of three o'clock by inadvertantly catching one of them in my chair wheel.

Well, no more, by gum! I found myself thinking, "boy, what I really need is a a shelf that has a bunch of little cubbyholes. Something just like that CD shelf I have that's empty. Yeah, something like that would ... heyyyyyy waaaaaiiiiit a minute!" Thus proving that all of my fancy college education, did, in the end, amount to something.

I'd like to take credit for some kind of scrappy DIY innovation, here, but mostly the purpose of this post is to point out the CD racks are almost the perfect size for storing all the little crapola that we, as consummate nerds, accumulate during our lives. And then for finding it again later when you need to charge something.

(The labels are regular address labels, suitable for use in a printer, on which I lovingly hand-scrawled words like "Palm" and "Camera Crap" both above and below the fold so it can be read from across the room and when I loom over it lo unto a colossus.)

Now, get the hell out of here, Bad Batz Maru needs to ponder world domination in peace.  11:17:48 AM  (comments []  

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