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Wednesday, November 6, 2002

I'm so disappointed and angry today. So you can take that as some kind of flame warning, if you like.

America, let's review: Bush first gutted our tax structure in blatant favor of the super-wealthy; and then decided to spend that now non-existent money on a war against someone who has sort of a passing connection to Al Qaeda, but more importantly, made his daddy look bad. So why did you decide to give him more rope to hang us with? We're not talking about moderate fiscal conservative Repulicanism here -- we're talking about a scary Fundamentalist (or better yet, in the pocket of Enron, etc.) judiciary that's a hair's breadth aways from being installed.

And while we're at it, what the FUCK is up with the Democratic "leadership"? You're behaving like polls and focus groups are the only guidance that's worth a damn, which leaves you looking wishy-washy and without any clear direction. You don't seem to stand for anything, and your constituency is responding to that -- by not voting for you. It's time to get off your goddamned asses.

I thank God my wife is getting into politics, because she's going to be part of what turns this around. Mark my goddamned words.  11:29:52 AM  (comments []  

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