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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Chimera users, take note:

The developers of Chimera are urging users to download the Dec 20th nightly build (you can also grab the very latest nightly build if you like the bleeding edge) and check out the many improvements. Improved stability, better support for Shockwave Director and Realplayer files, lots of other groovy fixes and additions.

[Forwarding Address: OS X]

I'm not sure if this latest build of Chimera fixed the problem, but I can now successfully use NetNewsWire Lite's "open pages in background" option successfully in conjunction with Chimera's "load pages requested by other applications in a tab" option. This means following a link in NNWL doesn't take the focus away from my RSS browser -- and that all of those links get collected up into one nice tabbed browser window in the background. Makes for smooth, quick sailing of the RSS seas. W00t!  1:48:49 PM  (comments []  

One Cake to Rule Them All

In preparation for watching The Two Towers on Sunday, we had a little Fellowship of the Ring viewing party tonight. We may have gone a little over the edge in party food:

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