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Monday, December 23, 2002

I found the article "Farewell beloved CDs" (from BBC News) to be baffling. This guy essentially says that the point of your CD collection is to hang around and be decorative, but good god, you surely don't want to actually listen to all that crap, do you? He also thinks it's swell that your records take damage over long periods of listening -- you've "made your mark."

Call me crazy, but I love having all those songs on an MP3 player and on my laptop. I've spent almost no time admiring the covers of my CDs -- instead, I get to spend a lot more time actually listening to them.

(For what it's worth, digitizing a CD collection can be pretty painless -- iTunes, for example, can be set up to start ripping as soon as you insert the CD, and then to kick it back out to you when it's done. So you can bring a stack back to the machine, and feed a new one in every twenty minutes or so when the machine asks -- but spend the rest of that time doing whatever else you normally do with your computer.)  7:02:44 PM  (comments []  

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