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Saturday, May 3, 2003

Au is an interesting set of Rendezvous-enabled tools. It seems oriented towards enabling local ad-hoc workgroups (for example, Rendezvous-enabled e-mailing). What I don't understand is how you can escape the gravity well of your local network and actually send e-mail to the Internet using these tools. Also, I'm troubled that e-mail addresses that are tied to specific end-user computer names are fragile -- what if I switch between two machines?

Still, I think cool Rendezvous hacking is totally sweet. Did I mention how awesome it was to actually be in the thick of an all-Mac LAN the week after iTunes 4 was released? My co-workers have some... interesting tastes.  1:47:01 PM  (comments []  

Ghost in the Shell is one of the most beautifully animated movies EVER. The use of light wows me every time I see it. If you enjoyed the visual look of The Matrix, then you'll find this movie familiar; clearly the brothers Wachowski drew inspiration from here. (And Oni, for that matter.)

Sadly, it's probably about ten minutes too short -- the story is just a little bit too dense, which results in a certain amount of incomprehensibility. The English dub doesn't help; it's well acted, but some of the word emphasis really detracts from legibility. For example, it was only this time through that I realized that the Puppet Master is objecting to be called artificial, not disputing all of the technical terms associated with being an artifical intelligence. And I'm still not sure what's going on in the scene with the gentleman with the long white hair who gets out of the helicopter.

I hadn't noticed until today, but Mamoru Oshii also directed the incredible Patlabor movies, which have more in common with Ghost in the Shell then the other works of writer Masamune Shirow do. In fact, the original manga of Ghost in the Shell has a remarkably different feel than the movie does, and I confess to personally preferring the movie.  11:57:11 AM  (comments []  

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