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Friday, May 9, 2003

Speaking of sweet game sequels, be sure to also check out this Half-Life 2 preview. Those screenshots made me want to weep with manly joy.  9:40:37 PM  (comments []  

Check out this sweet Thief III preview over at Gamespot. Note that Garrett casts shadows in those screenshots. And that guards can carry torches, meaning that the shadows you can hide in will move around. And that they've beefed up the lockpick mechanics. And that I've ruined my keyboard with all this drool. I can't fucking wait. I'm thinking I'll probably be replaying Thief 1 & 2 this summer :).  1:06:39 PM  (comments []  

Blah blah dynamic typing vs static typing. OK, my link is dismissive, but it's a pretty interesting little essay. And it perfectly illustrates how people will flow around rigid language design as fast as they possibly can. The thing I liked about Java was the garbage collection, not the API. I spent a lot of time working around the API whenever I needed to do something that was actually interesting.

For that matter, I miss the ability to curry functions in ML, but I don't think I ever actually felt comfortable writing code in that language. There were too many walls; it was difficult to work in.

I personally love that Objective-C provides exactly as much fascism as I need, and yet that I can elude it at a moment's notice.  11:41:59 AM  (comments []  

"I mean, it's only like three remotes."  11:30:50 AM  (comments []  

Best illustration yet of the snake oil job that is the tax cuts. However, the chart is also misleading, since it fails to include any data for people in the 81% to 99% range. [Via This Modern World.]  11:13:39 AM  (comments []  

We went through the Whataburger drive through just a few minutes ago for some impulse taquitos. We finished our order by asking for a "small Sprite."

After a brief pause, the order taker responded with, "Sprite like the drink?"

We were at a loss to think of what else she might have been thinking of. Thankfully, there were no small woodland fairies lurking inside either of the drink cups we received.  11:11:38 AM  (comments []  

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