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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

I got my new computer back, and it seems to be working. I also got Doom 3. Some thoughts:

  • Incredible freaking visuals.
  • No, really, they're incredible. This is at the high detail level, which this new beast can handle at glass-smooth levels.
  • I am getting some weird freezes and crashes to desktop (usually when I hit "ESC" to go to the menu). This makes me sad. I quicksave often.
  • The immersiveness is top-notch. The environment is filled with little screens and kiosks that you can interact without going to some other dialogue box. The only exception is when you pull up your PDA, but even that works well, since you can still hear the audio environment going on (and you can even play audio files from the PDA and then leave the PDA, and they'll keep running).
  • The shadows are amazing. The heat haze is great. The cool little warped effect you get when looking through glass is tremendous. The characters are extremely detailed. The voice acting is good, and so far, the dialogue is pretty good. Fluorescent lights flicker appropriately. TV screens look appropriately noisy and TV-ish.
  • Super Turkey Turbo Puncher 3.

Of course, now that I've played for thirty minutes, I have to go to bed, because we're flying to Canada tomorrow for the Edmonton Folk Festival. Which will be an awful lot of fun. And maybe some kind of patch for my crashes will come out while I'm gone :).  10:53:11 PM  (comments []  

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