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Saturday, July 2, 2005

One more more note: Super Mario Brothers on the PSP is sexxay. Not that I would have such a thing on my PSP. That would be wrong.

There's a little jump on world 4-3 that I'm totally stuck on, though.  1:22:49 AM  (comments []  

One more note: finally watched first 1.5 episodes of new Dr. Who series. Totally rules. Looking forward to more.  1:13:27 AM  (comments []  

Dear spammers: I am the admin for ology.org. Please stop trying to gull me with dire threats of security violations. I'm freaking tired of it.  1:12:45 AM  (comments []  

Travel Day From Hell


  • Wife in Nashville and having her own lousy day. Clearly entirely too far away from me, who has just finally come to roost in Ann Arbor.
  • Sandra Day O'Connor retiring, so Our Psycho President gets to really show us all why we were tremendous dumbasses in 2004. Got to hear somebody say "Praise Jesus" on the Hertz Tram in reference to same.
  • Nasty weather throughout entirety of God's Creation causing delays through DFW. Flight from DFW to Detroit delayed by one hour and change.
  • Since it's the weekend of the fourth, everybody and their dog was on I-35 and 183, as I tried out the airport route from the new house. Happily, I allowed for same.
  • HEAD HURTS. Waking up in seven hours. Mnggh. Spent day eating fast food because of universe conspiring against me.
  • Decided to exploit Hertz Gold Club Card to not screw around with a cab ride to Ann Arbor. Hertz decides to not give me customary "skip the line, go directly to car service" and I spend 40 minutes waiting to pick up my keys, because EVERYBODY NEEDED TO RENT A CAR AT ELEVEN AT NIGHT.
  • Could not find ethernet jack in hotel.


  • Hotel does have WiFi.
  • Most important: get to help dear old friend celebrate his wedding tomorrow. So once this freaking headaches goes away, I'll be much more copacetic about life.

Griping ends. Hopefully soon, sleep begins.  1:10:59 AM  (comments []  

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