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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Half Life 2 finally completed, after months of inactivity. The urban combat squad section, it turns out, just bogged down for me. It was cool, but -- for whatever reason -- didn't suck me along like every other part of the game. Once I got into the Citadel (that can't possibly be a spoiler, the thing hulks like a giant magnet through the entire game) I plowed through the last two chapters in one sitting.

It's possible to win in the face of defeat -- the final sequence has a time limit, and if you hit the end of that limit you'll see the "Subject Terminated" message, along with some bad guy dialogue. But you can also win at exactly that moment, which triggers the final sequence. This causes some very strange juxtaposition of dialogue, leading me at first to think that I'd found some weird failure ending. Replaying a few more times convinced me I'd just see both endings right after each other, and if you've seen the ending, you can imagine why that confused me.

So, yeah, HL2. Beautiful game from start to finish. And, with that one exception (for me, at least) amazingly paced throughout. I'm glad I finally finished it, and I look forward to more.  6:31:06 PM  (comments []  

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