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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


Am in Pittsburgh. Lack of snow, despite in being November, makes me v. sad. When else am I going to see snow? Eastern Standard Time not yet exerting hold over me that it should. Forgetting to set laptop time zone until 45 minutes ago not helping.

The latest Song of Ice and Fire George R R Martin tome came out today. Am v. sad that Roy Dotrice did not do the audio book narration. Decided to cut to chase and buy the hardback edition to read on the plane, esp. since Carrie is also now hooked. Am so far quite pleased -- hoping against hope to be done by time I get back so that there will be no contention for book.

New Wheel of Time crack is also out. Carrie not hooked on these, and even I am beginning to bitterly resent bookshelf space taken up by them. Dear Robert Jordan: advance plot more in each book. Thank you. Picked up in audio book form so as to reduce insult/injury.

About 40% done with Indigo Prophecy. LOVE IT, even though there are some infuriating design decisions. Back with cheers & jeers once I finish it. This may cause me to go back and re-pick up The Longest Journey and Grim Fandango.

Nearly all items with me on trip can be charged via USB/FireWire on the laptop: phone (mini-USB), Palm (weird USB multi-adapter), iPod. PSP has mini-USB but fails to accept charge from it -- shame on you, Sony, shame on you. Weird hydra-vibe coming off laptop -- must avoid angering elder gods.

Dear Texas: you suck. GG being a bunch of narrow-minded jackasses.  12:33:43 AM  (comments []  

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