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Monday, November 14, 2005

I sucked through A Feast for the Crows on my PGH trip only to discover Carrie had inadvertently also bought the book the same day. Doh! Fix't now. The book was excellent, but I'm definitely missing seeing half of my POV characters. I won't say more, because some people who read this are still reading it.

I'm three hours into the latest Wheel of Time. I didn't reread the other books first this time, so I'm relying on Google to remind me of where we last left some of these characters (and who other ones were). This led me to the following interesting information: supposedly, the current book is the next to last book. It seems hard to believe, but if true, gives me some hope for the series.

As I suspected, WoT is tremendously improved by audio book form -- the ponderous pace works better as a radio serial than as a "OMG I MUST FINISH THIS IN TWO DAYS TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" obsessive print experience.

Here's the core thing to know about how WoT and SoIaF differ: in SoIaF, we see many children who -- due to horrible, soul-crushing circumstance -- are forced to grow up beyond their years and act like adults. In WoT, we see many adults -- some of whom, through their magical arts, are hundreds of years old -- act like petulant, spoiled children. In listening to this latest Jordan book, and hearing yet another Aes Sedai whine in her internal monologue about how she's not being given her proper awestruck respect, I realized this was a big part of what turned me off the series in the first place.

Still, one more book after this to go -- maybe I'll stick around and see where he takes me.  10:27:15 AM  (comments []  

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