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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Why I'm the Coolest Stud at MIT. Reposted from well everyone.  10:18:56 AM  (comments []  

Seven riddles suggest a secret city beneath Tokyo. Reposted without comment from William Gibson's blog.  10:17:03 AM  (comments []  

Kottke unveils the mysteries of the seedless watermelon.  10:08:40 AM  (comments []  

Here's Romeo, another Bluetooth-enabled remote control for your Mac that works with Sony-Ericsson phones.  9:52:18 AM  (comments []  

I linked to the P800 earlier; now I find out that the T610 is also coming out. It's the direct successor to the much yearned for T68i. Slashdot has a story.  9:49:53 AM  (comments []  

The PowerShot Presentation. It's a sort of a review of Keynote, but more of a description of a clever workaround for offloading Keynote slides onto a Canon PowerShot camera. Dork power!
Keynote Comments -- Although I'm not up for (or probably qualified to do) a full review, I used Keynote for the first time to create this presentation, and overall, I was impressed. I don't create that many presentations, but I've always found myself butting heads with PowerPoint in the past. Keynote proved much more fluid and easy to use, and its automatic guides are absolutely brilliant. When you're positioning an object, Keynote automatically provides a guide set to the center (or the edges) of nearby objects. Occasionally I needed to remind it which other object was important by selecting it, and then going back to the text or graphic I was placing. Keynote's slide-to-slide transitions are gorgeous, and although I had to refer to the slim manual to figure them out, it can also do slick "builds" of objects appearing on and disappearing from a given slide.
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