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Saturday, March 29, 2003

First, read this essay by Clay Shirky on Permanet, Nearlynet, and Wireless Data. Then read this article on Fast-forwarding digital cable [CNET], keeping the previous article in mind. It seems like the nearly vs. perma analysis also applies in the digital cable space.

We have digital cable, but we also have TiVo. I have zero interest in spending money on the digital cable's video on demand because it's too expensive, and because the selection is limited. I'd prefer to have the TiVo get a backlog over time for me for "free" (or rather, for a fixed monthly price). For example, right now, we're watching Oklahoma, since we'd set up the TiVo to pick up a bunch of musicals a few weeks back.

Also, Time Warner just doesn't know how to deliver a quality service. We have consistent problems with our digital cable box hard-crashing or turning off, which means we have to keep an eye on it to make sure the TiVo actually has a video source to record from. And Time Warner's attempt to provide TiVo-like service has the same quality problems: Skye & Kevin have it, and they report that the user interface sucks, and that the box will inexplicably fail to record programs. Which is too bad, because it should be a killer service: it's integrated into the digital cable tuner, and it can record two programs simultaneously. Time Warner should just get over itself, and hire TiVo to provide the service for them.

Finally, Kevin points out that there is evidence to indicate that we remember commercials just as well when we zap through them on the TiVo as when we sit through them. Wait, wasn't that a major plot point in Max Headroom?  3:13:21 PM  (comments []  

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