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Saturday, March 8, 2003

Keynote: Be Like Steve [Pioneer Press].
Keynote made me want to create presentations. Minutes after launching the software, I had a good sense for its features and how they lead to slide shows that are easy on the eyes, just like Steve's.

This is partly because Keynote relies on gee-whiz technologies such as Quartz and OpenGL that are built into the Mac OS X operating system. You needn't know how these work, only that they translate into refined typography and eye-popping graphics.

The 3-D transitions, including rotating-cube and flipping-mosaic-tile effects alone are worth the price of admission. (Just promise not to overuse them, OK? Even Keynote can lead to lynchings if misused. Thanks.)

Update: Also Two PowerPoint veterans test-drive Apple Keynote [Pioneer Press]  10:43:24 AM  (comments []  

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