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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Ever since seeing Chicago, we've been on a big musical kick. We watched Brigadoon, but it failed to have any really memorable dance numbers, and seemed essentially conservative (the world sucks, so lets ignore it). Then we caught the end of the fabulous Guys and Dolls. We proceeded to rent Camelot -- which has great bits by Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris, but ultimately doesn't have much in the way of song, and is kind of weird and uneven -- and Damn Yankees, which turns out to be the origin of "Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets,", and is chock-full of the crazy shit that I expect musicals to be full of. And it has Ray Walston as the Devil, so something for the whole family.

I really want to track down a copy of Into The Woods, which is apparently on DVD, but I have yet to see at our local rental shops.  9:29:21 PM  (comments []  

I went to the Electronics Boutique web site to see what was coming out, and they sucked me into pre-ordering the Legend of Zelda game. Partially because Penny Arcade calls it "an unparalleled and inspired work of interactive art," and partially because the pre-order includes a GameCube version of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Oh, and because I'm a big dope.

But I did love the NES and SNES Zelda games. Yeah!  9:20:20 PM  (comments []  

I got back into Unreal 2 yesterday. I was kind of wishy washy about the first mission; the difficulty seemed overly hard, and yet, I wasn't inspired to play. So what's the payoff? The second mission had much better atmosphere, with a doomed research base, crazy spider beasts, and a flamethrower. So we'll see. My main complaint is that my frame rates aren't so hot, so the control seems kind of crummy. And while the engine is definitely capable of some nice effects, I'm not sure why they decided to go with washed-out textures.

Unlike others, I do kind of like the "walk around the ship and talk to people" levels that are interspersed between the missions. Still, I was expecting more from the geniuses who put together the Wheel of Time game.  9:16:59 PM  (comments []  

UT campus cops beat the hell out of a kid trying to put together an anti-war rally [Campus Coalition for Peace and Justice].
He [Jon] was bending down and writing on the wall with chalk. A cop tip-toed up to him kinda quiet so he couldn't be heard and slammed his head into the wall with no warning.
I'm going to go be sick now.  2:13:29 PM  (comments []  

Apple Hot News has a link to Bush Demands Recount In Gore's Board Election [Crazy Apple Rumors Site], as noted by bbum. It's nice to work for a company with a sense of humor.  1:55:35 PM  (comments []  

Odd man out [Salon] -- an interview with John Brady Kiesling. I thought the description of the internal dissent channel was fascinating.  1:45:33 PM  (comments []  

Slide Showdown: Apple bites into Microsoft's territory with Keynote, its answer to PowerPoint for OS X [via myapplemenu].
[Keynote] devastates PowerPoint in terms of style. Its graphics are more detailed and feature sophisticated 3-D effects. Instead of fading from slide to slide, you can also select movie-like animations for the transitions.
  1:38:46 PM  (comments []  

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