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Monday, February 16, 2004

Gay Marriage in SF [Nelson's Weblog]. Shocker of shockers, I have yet to see this show up in the BBC or NYTimes news feeds.

You go, freaky SF mayor-dude!  10:40:12 AM  (comments []  

I'm happy to report that Crystal Chronicles + three Game Boys == rollickin' good time.

Although it took a little while to actually figure out how to get from the radar to the other menus; turns out that "Select" toggles your GameBoy from controlling your character to controlling your radar, but then you still have to use the left/right paddles to switch menus, or the B key to get to the uber-menu (since the radar turns out to be a submenu that you happen to start out in). This is horribly confusing until you figure it out, at which point it makes perfect sense. Which is the kind of design decision I'm always dubious of.  9:52:07 AM  (comments []  

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