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Sunday, February 29, 2004

It was devastatingly satisfying that a geek movie could kick all kinds of ass at the Oscars.

I found myself imagining this unstoppable juggernaut rolling all over everything, with a guy beating those galley-slave drums on top (bum BUM bum BUM bum...). Naturally I had to vocalize this sound effect every time an envelope was about to be torn asunder.  11:56:15 PM  (comments []  

Skye and I spent three hours tooling around Austin this afternoon; she wanted some pictures taken of her, and I wanted an excuse to take a whole passel of pictures. Mission: accomplished!

Here's why I love digital: I took nearly three hundred pictures (almost a gigabyte of data) and we were able to stop halfway through, drop the first batch on the laptop, and see what we liked and didn't like about what had happened so far. In the end, we liked about a third of the pictures, and I was able to burn a CD for Skye right there.

Without further ado (since the Oscars are on, and I want to post this before I lose my chance to actually get a leap day post in), here are some of the ones I liked from today's session. (There were a lot of good ones of Skye, but I figured I'd limit myself to just one here.)

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