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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Dead or Alive 3 + Prince of Persia + Fist of the North Star == Ninja Gaiden.

Which is a good thing. Except for the part where the regularly occurring boss battles kick my sorry lazy "gamer" ass. I'd get discouraged if it wasn't so goddamn cool.  5:22:51 PM  (comments []  

Sam & Max Sequel Axed [Blue's News].

Sam: "If you are upset, Max, I don't think you should suppress it."
Max: "Hey, man!  I think you're NOT GOOD! I'll NEVER be your BEST FRIEND!"
Sam: "Ooh, you're a scary bunny."
   -- Sam & Max, the Freelance Police

[via The Quoted Sam & Max]  1:23:07 PM  (comments []  

"Avi Rubin, the John Hopkins computer science professor and leading critic of e-voting, has posted a fascinating account of his day as an election judge in Baltimore, Maryland, using the new Diebold machines." [Freedom to Tinker]

Context: the party line is that the new e-voting machines are basically "better because they're high-tech," but there's a vocal opposition pointing out that these new machines lack fundamental auditing capabilities (like a paper trail) making their security suspect. All jokes about hanging chads aside, at least in Florida in 2000 there were actual ballots to re-examine -- with these new machines, there's nothing but a final count.  10:06:29 AM  (comments []  

My homeland gets its freak on: Multnomah County in Oregon to start issuing gay marriage licenses [NYTimes].  9:55:34 AM  (comments []  

Dear ology dot org e-mail users: if you get some kind of crazy e-mail saying that your mail service is going to be suspended or interrupted, and it claims to by from ology dot org administration, you can freely ignore it. It's a virus. Pretend that it's like that bit of David Warner in the microwave at the end of Time Bandits.  9:55:01 AM  (comments []  

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