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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Finally, a link aimed squarely at me dear brother Chris: Hori Katana: Soul Controller [Gizmodo], an actual sword-shaped controller for Onimusha 3. That's almost EXACTLY the right amount of dorkiness.  6:11:01 PM  (comments []  

Sony Ericsson's left-handed cellphone [Engadget]. I am a lefty, so I feel confident in saying this: this is a stupid left handed design. With the exception of the number "1", digit distribution in phone numbers is pretty much random. So you could organize the numbers in any order and still have a roughly similar expected distance that your thumb would have to travel to dial it.

But hey! Now I get to disregard three decades of learning the layout of phone pads (and how it differs from calculator layout)! Because the real message here is that lefties are masochists!

Update: Toren points out that lefties might also be gullible (although he was too kind to put it that way) and suggests this might be an early April Fools joke. Clearly, I'm not paranoid enough. Assassins everywhere!  3:23:16 PM  (comments []  

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