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Wednesday, August 7, 2002

This thread on Slashdot is about how Linux users want to be able to run Open Source-y programs at the same time as they want to be able to run commercial software. However, shockingly, since Linux users are culturally opposed to paying for anything -- so there's almost no commercial software that runs natively on Linux.

The solution that Linux users advocate is to run WINE, an emulator of the Windows API that runs on Linux.

I'm personally in favor another, less crufty solution, but I guess you knew that already. Want commercial software? Want free Unix apps? Want them well integrated on your desktop? Call me crazy, but OS X might just be your man.  1:03:17 PM  (comments []  

I was delighted to learn of the existence of Trebuchet.com ("Dedicated to the art of hurling.")

I tried to get our project codename to be Trebuchet, but couldn't rally a majority to the cause.  12:52:14 PM  (comments []  

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