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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Breathwork and open source. [via Scripting News]

It's a morning for Scripting News reposts. The post that Dave re-posts above draws some intriguing parallels. Ultimately, I think legislatively requiring the use of open source code is, well, loopy. If you decide to use it, then you have to commit to supporting yourself on it -- because you certainly can't hold the creators responsible for the functionality of their code. Also, open source hackers are much more interested in making fast web servers than in making well-considered UIs; I love Apache but I have little interest in using Open Office. (Tried it briefly, and was struck by how slavishly it aped Microsoft Office, and how inelegantly it went about it.) And Mozilla's only really well-considered UI feature is the tabbed browsing -- it's a hell of a feature, but it doesn't quite make up for the other little irritations and geek-centric design decisions.  11:07:34 AM  (comments []  

Peterme has no credit. [via Scripting News]

It's an interesting story of how you can fall between the cracks of the credit system by simply living within your means. Also some interesting stuff in the comments on how the system works.  10:55:11 AM  (comments []  

Youngsters are spurning the trombone and other large, low instruments. [via Follow Me Here...]

A systematic lack of funding in England for music programs means that the programs are unable to buy new instruments to replace the current, aging stock. Trombones, tubas, bassoons, etc, are expensive, and many kids rely on using the school's instrument instead of buying their own. Now they're turning towards smaller, cheaper, more glamorous instruments -- like the flute.

I played low brass instruments (primarily the euphonium) for many years, and loved it dearly. It's a cryin' shame.  9:58:06 AM  (comments []  

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