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Sunday, August 11, 2002

My birthday present from my parents (even if they didn't realize it, since it arrived in the form of valuable cash prizes) was a Nintendo GameCube and the tasty, zombie-filled Eternal Darkness. Eternal Darkness is zombie-killin' goodness in fine form -- and add in a healthy dollop of Cthulhu-inspired Elder Gods and some freakish fourth-wall breaking insanity.

When playing the game, your character has three different resource meters: health, magic, and... sanity. When your sanity dips too low, various bizarre game effects occur. For example, you might think you're running down a hallway and escaping someone, when all the sudden something chops off your head and limbs. But wait! It's a hallucination! Or the TV wills suddenly flick off -- but wait! It's freaky, and freakishly cool. Unfortunately, you obtain a spell to restore sanity about a third of the way through the game, so the insanity effects don't have quite as much impact from that point on. Which is too bad.

Still, there are a good number of insanity sequences that happen no matter what, and they still left me with a fair amount of the wiggins. And the gameplay (especially the spells) is very fun. The game is broken up into several chapters (and you play a different character in each chapter), so it's both easy to play in hour-long settings, and also has a great deal of forward momentum. (Although I do regret not being able to play the main character for longer.) It's a very Lovecraft-meets-Resident-Evil feel.


Now I've invested in the Blockbuster "$20 for a month of game rentals" deal where you can have up to 2 games out over a month, trading in any of the games for any other games during that period. On deck, naturally -- Resident Evil. (And, well, Rogue Squadron II, which is supposed to kick ass.)  11:12:09 PM  (comments []  

There is no better argument for meaningful link text (see Composing Good HTML, despite its overall creaky antiquity) than the often content-free links on the Daypop Top 40. Abolish the "here" link!  10:59:44 PM  (comments []  

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