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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Dear sweet mother mary, Sam and Max will be hitting the road once more.

I'm almost excited for that as I am for this.  8:46:41 PM  (comments []  

I finished Warcraft III tonight. The last mission turned out to be too tough for my weak hu-man mind so I had to replay it on easy -- so you know what easy pickins' I must be on battle.net.

I liked the variety of missions; I didn't like that there weren't many straight-up fight missions in the Night Elf campaign. I thought that in many ways the Orc campaign was the hardest, not the Night Elf campaign. Still, I think I liked the Night Elves the best as a race, which isn't exactly a rare opinion. The heroes have interesting powers, and I like the whole Treant/Wisp thing.

I was a little disappointed in the final movie; it didn't have the same impact that the end of Starcraft had on me. I was also disappointed in the final credits/outtakes -- they were funny, but not the bust-a-gut funny I'd been prepared for.

These are small concerns, though -- I'm looking forward to plenty of Battle.net play, which has been very fun to date. The anonymous matchmaking is great, even if I do regularly get my ass kicked. Crazy humans are so much more unpredictable then the computer! Go figger.  8:44:07 PM  (comments []  

Mozilla has this problem where sometimes, when it starts up, and it freaks out and spends several minutes churning your disk drive. It appears that what it's doing is verifying the contents of the cache (because it seems to do this when you've restarted the app after the app crashed).

Here's a hint, Mozilla: it's a cache. It's temporary copies of data that exist out there on the web. Don't verify it all on startup. Just nuke it, or at least delay verification until you're ready to go back to the page.

If Mozilla is doing this to you, you can fix the problem by going into ~/Library/Mozilla/Profiles/<some directory>/<some directory>/Cache and deleting every single goddamn file. Restart Mozilla and you'll see it comes right up. Sorry, if you don't use OS X you'll have to figure out the location of the cache on your lonesome :).  2:50:10 PM  (comments []  

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