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Sunday, September 1, 2002

To celebrate Simone's recently minted Ph.D., we took her out the Lincoln Street Wine Market in Fredericksburg, TX.

It's a very warm and inviting place:

We had some delicious wines:

And we saw some weird shit on our trip there...

and back...

Ultimately we considered washing away our sins:

So we did:

Congratulations, Dr. Simone! A fun day was had by all.

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Macs, Mach, Mellon

Pete Su points out (in a comment on this post):

One should note that this is really a return to the way things used to be. Back in the day, they replaced the GNOME programming environment that ran on Vaxen with a room full of original Macs (512K, maybe Pluses) that ran MacGnome, a structure editor that we implemented in MacApp back before System 6 even.

Ah nostalgia.

Which is a good point, and also reminds me to point out the other way this is full circle. OS X runs on Mach, which was developed at Carnegie Mellon. For a long time, Mach was the platform of choice -- a phenomenon I came in on the tail end of. I had a DEC workstation for the first year I was at CMU (1995-1996) running BSD on top of Mach. The machine was, unfortunately, a dog -- it was a breath of fresh air when we finally ported our project to NetBSD, and we all got 200MHz Pentium Pros :). Boy, compiles on those machines flew!

And so having a Mac(h) as a primary machine now is also a personal return to form, although I would've much rather had this PowerBook than that piece of crap MIPS-based DEC box :).  8:26:37 AM  (comments []  

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