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Friday, September 6, 2002

I finished re-watching the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, and then (finally) watched my copy of of NGE: Death & Rebirth. The storiology here is a little tricky, but it's something like this: there's 26 episodes in the TV series. Episdoes 25 & 26 are kind of jarring, don't offer much closure (except in one important way), and left many fans unsatisfied.

So, the series creators created an "alternate ending" that kind of replaces 25 & 26. (I'm grossly simplifying.) This alternate ending is (in the US) represented by the two DVDs Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion. D&R is two parts -- death and, uh, rebirth. "Death" is an hour long recap (in non-linear order) of eps 1-24, with some (but not much) new footage. "Rebirth" is a new episode that follows episode 24 (and is episode length; maybe 20-22 minutes long). EoE apparently also is composed of two parts (both new material).

The "Death" sequence was pretty disappointing; there wasn't a whole lot of new information there, and yet it took up the bulk of the DVD. The only really interesting new stuff was at the very beginning, which provides a little more insight on the Second Impact events. What's more interesting is the audio commentary, and the extra "encyclopedia" information that's on the second side of the disc.

The "Rebirth" sequence, on the other hand, kicks some serious butt (literally). Which makes it that much more disappointing that it ends on a big cliffhanger, and that I have to wait a few more weeks until the final disc (EoE) is released.

For what it's worth, I actually found the original 25 & 26 to be much more satisfying this time around. The main thing that's missing (and wouldn't have taken more than 2-5 minutes to setup) is an explanation of how we get from the end of episode 24 to the beginning of episode 25. What triggers Complementation?  8:29:32 PM  (comments []  

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