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Sunday, September 15, 2002

This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. This guy is protesting the fact that people provide WiFi connectivity (say, at Starbucks) by charging money for it. "Connectivity should be free!" is the rallying cry. To "prove his point" and "poke holes in their business model", he goes and drives his car -- which he's turned into a (technically very cool) mobile hot spot -- so that it provides competing free Internet access for those poor Starbucks customers.

His claim is that this is some radical act, freeing those poor benighted souls (who already have enough moolah to buy a laptop and a WiFi card) from corporate tyranny. Which is, uh, swell, except that I can only "fight the powa!" on those occassional off days when Mr. Man decides to drive his mobile hot spot to where I happen to be. Surprise! I'd like regular, predictable connectivity. Surprise! I'm willing to pay money for that.

Stupidest damn thing I ever heard.  11:28:09 PM  (comments []  

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