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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Sorry, I've been distracted lately. I've been thinking dreamy thoughts about APIs and rotating squares and, well, heavens, the week just got away from me.

One of the reasons I got distracted this weekend was because that fine, upstanding young Hozhed Nigel came to town for a visit. We gabbed about food, computers, non sequiters, games, and, y'know, shit. It was mucho fun. He also joined us for some fun-loving Dungeons & Dragons on Saturday, and much mahyem ensued.

Another of my distractions (today, anyway) was Robotech: Battlecry. I have been on this planet for nearly three decades, and ONLY TODAY has someone shipped a decent game that involves giant robots that can TRANSFORM INTO PLANES. My excitement is difficult to describe, especially if you didn't grow up during the years when Robotech and Transformers ruled the airwaves. I'm about five missions in (just finished "Chapter 1", which seems to serve as a whirlwhind touchstone for the events of the original Macross saga), and while I think the game may be flawed, I also think it's deeply, deeply entertaining.

Because, see, you fly a giant robot.

And you can turn it into a plane.

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