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Sunday, September 8, 2002

Neverwinter Nights: CHECK!

Felicia, my 18th level ass-kicking Monk for great justice, has just saved the world. Mmmm, tasty and delicious. I especially enjoyed all the dragon ass-kicking I got to do. Haven't finished it yet? (Haven't started it yet!?) Well, get going!  11:20:54 PM  (comments []  

Weekend of suckage: as I was coming up to the end of Neverwinter Nights, I discovered this Slashdot article: Layoffs at WotC.

Addendum: I'm also irritated about this because I just gave that company another bushel of cash for the Forgotten Realms sourcebook and the Monk sourcebook. Feels like I'm just forking it straight into the gnomes' gullet, and not into the hands of the creative types at all. Bleah.

This of course follows a day after the news that Farscape was cancelled. Feh.  11:19:17 PM  (comments []  

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